FUNCTION and Fit! Small Group Training with Coach Judy

Small Group Training Member, Jan, shares his perspective and experience as a past participant in SGT. Prior to the abrupt changes imposed by the CDC to the options available to the members of the Works last March, I was an active participant in Coach Judy Wilson’s Function Class. I have always been active walking our […]

Finding Resiliency in a Not So Usual Year

Finding Resiliency in a Not So Usual Year by Jenny Brown, Supervised Programs Manager  The uncertainty may have continued with schedules and schools and you might now be adding the stress of juggling work and remote learning. The question you may ask yourself often is “Where and how do we create a healthy balance for […]

Bedtime Yoga Sequence with Cathy Calandriello 

Bedtime Yoga Sequence with Cathy Calandriello  After long lovely days at the beach, at the ballpark, on the playground and running around the neighborhood, kids tend to remain wired when heading to bed.  Unless of course a calming activity is deliberately infused into the routine leading up to bedtime. Yoga before bedtime works like a […]

Exercising with Small Children at Home

  How do we fit in a workout without childcare during these times?    If two parents are home, one great option is each spending 30 minutes to an hour by ourselves to get that workout in. But for many right now who might be working from home, possibly with older children remote learning or […]

Top 9 “Stay at Home” Habits From Coach Carrie- What’s your Top 9?!

Carrie’s Top 9 Quarantine Habits Coach Carrie from our Works Training Academy is a Trainer and Coaches a variety of classes at The Works, including our Youth Training Academy Program!  Here are her top habits keeping her in a routine and happy while at home! Now it’s your turn! What are your #TOP9? Go to […]

Cognitive Restructuring: Changing Negative Thoughts and Reframing To Positive Thoughts

The Works Wellness Center offers some thoughts on changing negative thoughts and reframing to positive thoughts this week. These are times where this may be very useful!  Cognitive restructuring is a way of changing negative thoughts and reframing them to positive thoughts. It is a way of rewiring your brain and pathways to change a […]

A Day in the Life of a Dietitian

Once again we share “a day in the life” of what Dietitian, Holley Samuel ate one day, during this week. Of course it’s been a whirlwind of change for everyone this week but we thought it may be fun to see what she was up to! Breakfast Oats with frozen blueberries, cinnamon, a splash of […]

Chasing Goals With a Newborn

By Beth Janelle I’ve always set different goals in life, wanting that success, no matter what the process to reach that goal was. Growing up as an athlete, I focused on competitive soccer, basketball, swimming, tennis, hiking 4000 Footers, and once I was in my 20s, I took up running half and full marathon road […]

The Gift of Movement This Valentine’s Day

Feeling a bit hesitant on covering the kitchen counter with candy hearts, chocolate flowers, and an explosion of pink confetti for the family? Why not keep it simple and give the gift of movement?  Valentine’s Day is the day of spreading love. Many say love and happiness go hand in hand, so how will you […]

Turn Resolutions into SMART Goals!

The decorations have been put away, the kids are back in school, and you are feeling motivated to start the new year ahead. January 1st rolls around every year and, like clockwork, you find yourself setting a handful of New Year Resolutions. “Get back into the gym”, “clean up my diet”, and “lose weight” are […]