What I Eat In A Day- Day 4: Coach Brooke

This month in honor of National Nutrition Month, we are sharing a weekly “What I Eat in a Day” from a member of our Works Wellness Team! 

This week we have Coach Brooke! 
















I normally start my day with some sort of egg variation. Today was a homemade cheese bagel made by my husband, one egg, sweet apple chicken sausage and a slice of cheese. I will also have 30oz of water and then enjoy a cup of coffee afterwards!

















Snack #1

My go-to morning snack is around 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with berries.
Cottage Cheese with Berries
















Lunch for me normally consists of leftovers from dinner. Today consisted of ground turkey, spinach, bell peppers and cheese!

















Snack #2! 

Homemade “energy balls”. These have oats, pb, maple syrup, unsweetened coconut flakes, flaxseed, hemp hearts and dark chocolate chips. Normally 2 of these will satisfy me for a couple of hours.

Snack 2

















I try to include salmon into my routine 1x/week. I’ve included a variety of roasted veggies to fill 1/2 my plate, tonight was bell peppers and asparagus, and then I finished it off with a healthy scoop of mashed potatoes- my favorite! 

















I’m normally carrying a 20-30oz water bottle with me during the day and I aim for at least 100oz each day- that amount works for me which I know seems like a lot, so you just have to find what’s realistic for you! 😊


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