What I Eat In A Day- Day 2: Coach Tiffany

This month in honor of National Nutrition Month, we are sharing a weekly “What I Eat in a Day” from a member of our Works Wellness Team! 

This week we have Coach Tiffany!








One of my favorites, avocado toast with two eggs (hard boiled or scrambled) and a sprinkle of hemp hearts on top! I usually choose Dave’s killer raisin bread and it’s 20+ grams of protein to start my day.
















Breakfast Option 2!
Quiche ! I usually vary the vegetables and slice into 8 pieces so I can reheat it for a few days (also a kid favorite) I usually have toast with peanut butter on the side for added protein and fiber.










Snack 1!
Fage plain yogurt with one tablespoon of peanut butter! The yogurt alone has 18 grams of protein and adding the peanut butter is just because I love peanut butter!!!



















Typical lunch for me is a salad including hemp hearts, chickpeas, pecans and a tuna packet or cottage cheese!
















Snack #2!
Snack 2 of the day is almost always an RXBAR! Made with real food ingredients! I love the chocolate sea salt and the chocolate peanut butter ones.


















I always try to get at least two of these a day (64 ounces) as a minimum!



















Typical dinner for me includes 1/4 -1/2 cup of farrow, vegetables and salmon in this case.















To learn more about what YOU could eat in a day that best suits your needs, reach out to our team and we can set you up for success. We have a variety of programming and options! Learn more here!

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