What I Eat In A Day- Day 1: Coach Jess

This month in honor of National Nutrition Month, we are sharing a weekly “What I Eat in a Day” from a member of our Works Wellness Team! 

First up we have Coach Jess!

Hi I’m Jess, one of the health coaches in the Works Wellness Center. Each day, I make sure I get 3 square meals and 2 nutritious snacks in order to stay energized throughout the day and avoid any crashes. I do my best to stay hydrated and aim for 64 oz of water a day, although this is something I have always struggled with!

Here we go! 



First up, BREAKFAST!
Full of whole grains, fiber and protein. (Oats with dates, pecans, flax seeds, chia seeds, and peanut butter.)
















High protein, minimally processed morning snack. Rx bars are my go-to!
















Lunches vary week to week, but I like to prep my lunches a the start of the week. I always include protein + veggie + grain
(This week: chipotle honey chicken, seasoned peppers/onions/spinach, and quinoa)
















Afternoon snack usually is either fruit & peanut butter, or Greek yogurt, fruit & honey. (Greek yogurt, fruit, chia seeds and a drizzle of honey)
Always looking for a good carbohydrate + protein combo for a sustainable energy boost.
















Dinner varies depending on what my fiance decides to cook. Almost always aiming for a protein + starch + veggie (Last night was chicken with Trader Joe’s Chili Lime seasoning, sweet potatoes, and asparagus, but we do fish often as well!)
















For my sweet tooth, a square of dark chocolate to close out the day!

















To learn more about what YOU could eat in a day that best suits your needs, reach out to our team and we can set you up for success. We have a variety of programming and options! Learn more here!


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