FUNCTION and Fit! Small Group Training with Coach Judy

Small Group Training Member, Jan, shares his perspective and experience as a past participant in SGT.

Prior to the abrupt changes imposed by the CDC to the options available to the members of the Works last March, I was an active participant in Coach Judy Wilson’s Function Class. I have always been active walking our dog, usually 4-5 miles a day, in addition to my cardio and weight exercises in the Function Class. So when attending class was no longer an option, I wasn’t very concerned. I had an exercise alternative that I really enjoyed and I could count on  my dog Bo to always be a willing companion. 

Jan and Bo

As the time away from my supervised, in class, workout continued to be extended beyond all initial expectations, I began to notice some changes. My endurance began to be compromised, my balance lacked stability and the ability to do some physical activities that were never in question, were becoming a challenge. When I finally had the opportunity to return to my Function Class I had two significant questions in mind.

  1. Would I be confident that the COVID19  safety initiatives implemented at the Works insure my safety?
  2. Was I gaining significantly more benefits to wellness from the Function Class than I initially anticipated?

At the first available opportunity I went back to class and very quickly received strong affirmative answers to both of my questions. The protective protocols established at the Works, which are implemented consistently and enthusiastically by the staff, left no uncertainty. When at the Works I am always safe and well cared for!

After just a few class sessions I began to experience improvement in endurance and balance. TRX and Bosu equipment and the integration of weights with a variety of exercises quickly convinced me of the value of the Function Class to my wellness. I always wondered why my Cardiologist was much more interested in the the weight training component of my workouts than the cardio. Now I understand! 

Also important to note is that this Works exercise option is a Class, with a teacher, Trainer/Coach Judy Wilson. Judy begins each class, sharing the day’s lesson plan, demonstrating the specific exercise routine and sharing key insights into the fitness goals of the activity. Judy then provides individual exercise accommodations as necessary, adjusting to the physical limitations of her students. Students are motivated with encouragement and additional direction as she pays particular attention to form and muscle control. Students delight in the spirit of camaraderie that is established and nurtured by Judy.

Humor is the preferred venue for dealing with work out challenges and muscle fatigue. This learning group enjoys learning together, encouraging each other, supporting each other and being an integral part of a collaborative team. Function Class goes far beyond developing specific muscles for specific athletic activities.

It provides the wholistic integration of mind, body and spirit with wellness as the goal!

-Jan Works Training Academy Small Group Training Participant 

Special thanks to Judy Wilson, Personal Trainer and Works Training Academy Coach!

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Jan and Judy, FUCTION Small Group Training Class, February 2019 






(Photos taken February 2019, Pre-Pandemic) 

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