Finding Resiliency in a Not So Usual Year

Finding Resiliency in a Not So Usual Year

by Jenny Brown, Supervised Programs Manager 

The uncertainty may have continued with schedules and schools and you might now be adding the stress of juggling work and remote learning. The question you may ask yourself often is “Where and how do we create a healthy balance for ourselves and our littles?” Well, we will survive this season and the seasons to come. While I can’t guarantee it will be any less ugly and messy but in the end we will survive.

In this survival, we will continue to teach our littles life skills to take with them in every stage of life, to create healthy minds, healthy bodies, healthy futures. In my previous blog I ended with “Everything we do right now for our kiddo’s during this trying time will create resilience within them that will last for the years to come.” Having interacted and observed children on a daily basis throughout the last 6 months of this pandemic, this sentence rings even truer. Resiliency is one of the more important skills we can encourage and teach our littles during this unprecedented time.

Resiliency is the ability to bounce back from stress, adversity, failure, and challenges. This is not a skill every child is born with; it is a skill that they develop as they grow. A resilient child will take healthy risks because they don’t fear falling short of expectations. A few quick tips are listed below to help build resiliency in your littles through this uncertain time.

Make (virtual) connections (Healthy Minds)

Teach your littles the importance of engaging and connecting with their peers and family members. These opportunities allow the skills of empathy and listening to others to be practiced. Bring back the novelty of phone conversations in this current socially distant world.

Maintain a daily routine (Healthy Minds)

Help your child adjust to this new school at home lifestyle by having them create, with assistance if needed, their own schedule. The more ownership they have over their schedule the easier it may be to follow. I realize life is nothing but a fluid situation right now, but the quicker we can create structure and predictability for your child, the more successful your children will feel.

Teach your child self-care (Healthy Bodies and Minds)
Teach your child the importance of basic self-care. This could be in the form of healthier eating habits, exercise, and establishing a predictable bed time. Caring for oneself and even having fun will help you and your children sustain a healthy mind, healthy body, and healthy future.

Set Goals (Healthy Minds)
Establishing goals during these trying times will help children focus on a specific task and can help build the resilience to move forward in the face of challenges. These goals can be as simple as breaking down large assignments into small ones, eating a certain amount of fruits and veggies each day, achieving a desired number of movement minutes, finishing a lego creation, or creating a DIY project with a sibling or parent.

Accept change (Healthy Minds)

Change is often incredibly hard for adult and even harder for children to not only accept but to understand. Change is often scary for all involved. If we allow our children to observe that change is part of life it allows the opportunity for them to explore what is going well and what a new plan of action may be.

Gratitude (Healthy Minds)

The practice of gratitude became fairly strong when all life’s “normals” were abruptly taken from us back in the spring. When something is constantly available to us, things get taken for granted, and we expect it to always be available. Instilling in children the thought of gratitude can help promote positive outlooks which in return can promote the development of resiliency. Schedule a few minutes each day with your children and create open dialogue about what they are grateful for.

What we do now for our little sets the stage for their own growth as they age. However, these skills and tips don’t just apply to children. Keep your healthy mind and healthy body tuned up by allowing our experienced staff care for your littles while you attend a group exercise class to achieve that movement minute goal, attend a yoga class to focus on your gratitude, or allow us to become a part of your daily routine. We are open in Children’s Supervised Programs to help you find balance with your own self care during these trying times.

We hope to see you soon!



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