Top 9 “Stay at Home” Habits From Coach Carrie- What’s your Top 9?!

Carrie’s Top 9 Quarantine Habits

Coach Carrie from our Works Training Academy is a Trainer and Coaches a variety of classes at The Works, including our Youth Training Academy Program! 

Here are her top habits keeping her in a routine and happy while at home!

Now it’s your turn!

What are your #TOP9?

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  1. Make your bed

I know there are some people out there who do this every day and others that are like why bother. Starting your day this way has already made you productive whether you are unable to work right now or you are an essential worker. I know at least my cat enjoys a well-made bed!

  1. Eat Breakfast

Maybe you’re not a big breakfast person but there is no better way to fuel your day than a hearty breakfast. My go to is toast with scrambled eggs and berries.

  1. Get moving

I’m fortunate to have a large selection of workout equipment at home. I go into my workouts with a plan knowing what my workout will be before I start. We hope you are taking advantage of all our wonderful workout content on The WorkS-Out Facebook page!

  1. Prioritize your day

Where are my To Do List makers at??? If you are anything like me, well then you are highly organized and love making lists just so you can check things off. And well, if you are not like me then give it a try, it may make you feel that more productive. P.S. if you have to work at a desk, get yourself a set-up where you can stand!

  1. Get outside

Obviously as a personal trainer I spend much of my day on my feet but what happens when I can’t work? I found myself sitting more frequently at the start of all this so I started incorporating daily walks into my routine. This goes back to the whole get moving bullet point. It doesn’t have to be a hard core workout to count as movement. A simple walk/run/bike ride outside can be a huge mood changer.

  1. Track food/Meal prep

How many of you are finding that you are making endless trips to the kitchen? Snacking here and there sometimes not even realizing it. Tracking what you eat and even going as far as prepping the meals I’m going to eat has been a life saver. Not only that, if you plan or meals ahead of time you can hopefully make fewer trips to the grocery store and not pack on that quarantine fifteen!

  1. Got to bed/Get up at the same time I have to, it’s not like I have anywhere to be tomorrow? Yes! Keeping myself on a regular sleep cycle has been a lifesaver. I’m more productive and my workouts get everything I have. And I’m hoping once we return to a somewhat normal routine I will be able to jump right back into my early morning routine. (I’m usually up at 4:15am on work days!)

  1. Stay in touch with family and friends

This is so important especially for those social butterflies out there. Speaking with loved ones whether over the phone or on video calls has been a life saver. My girlfriends and I do a weekly virtual happy hour and my family does a virtual get together bringing us together from four different states. (Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine and North Carolina)

  1. And lastly, hydrate!

I drink so much water throughout the day and you should too. Just think, the more you drink the more trips to the bathroom. It’s a two for one, not only do you keep yourself hydrated but you get your steps in too! 

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