The Gift of Movement This Valentine’s Day

Feeling a bit hesitant on covering the kitchen counter with candy hearts, chocolate flowers, and an explosion of pink confetti for the family? Why not keep it simple and give the gift of movement? 

Valentine’s Day is the day of spreading love. Many say love and happiness go hand in hand, so how will you spark that love and happiness in your life and your families this Valentine’s Day? How will you spoil yourself and them, not only on this holiday but throughout the future? 

Stop for a moment and recall your last experience with movement of your body. Did you walk the dog, crawl around the house on all fours with your child on your back, go for a run after a stressful day, or attend a group fitness class with a friend? No matter what the movement was, take a moment to recall how your body felt after completing this movement. Not just physically but emotionally as well. 

We are all aware science has proven that exercise and movement release endorphins and feel good brain chemicals. It’s also been said to reduce the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline in the body. We’ve all heard this many times, but have you actually stopped and reflected on how you really felt from the top of your head to the tips of your toes post movement? Did you feel like you could keep going for another mile, did you feel a sense of accomplishment Rocky Balboa famous climb style, did you feel so energized you came home from Zumba that you left your music on and danced around the kitchen making dinner. Was there a sense of happiness or uplifting energy? 

We all want to experience happiness as often as possible correct? We all want that feeling of content, joy, and gratitude. There are many methods in which we can seek this feeling and it varies from person to person. You can eat that Valentine’s Day chocolate heart and you will experience content and joy for about 8 seconds, but taking that jog before your significant other takes you out to a romantic Valentine’s dinner, or before your Galentine’s brunch, will leave you with more than just a euphoria of your tastebuds. It will leave you stronger, more confident, mentally clearer, and provide the opportunity for you to give your best self and that creates a love of yourself. When your self love game is strong, it shows. Friends take notice, significant others take notice, but most of all, your children take notice. You’re setting strong examples for them to follow. You’re not only ensuring your own healthy body, mind, and future but you’re offering them a chance at their own healthy body, healthy mind, and a healthy future. These all-in return create the sense of  joy and contentment we all constantly strive for, otherwise known as happiness. Give yourself and your family the gift of love and happiness this Valentine’s Day with movement. 



Jennifer Brown
Youth Programs Manager 

Jenny is a graduate of The University of Southern Maine with a Bachelors in Social Work and a Masters of Science in Education. She has previously taught Kindergarten and First Grade in two local elementary schools. She also brings experience in youth programming as both a Summer Camp Director and a Program Director.

Healthy Minds. Healthy Bodies. Healthy Futures. 


Looking for some new ideas today to get moving together? We’ve got plenty! Try one of our Challenges: Myzone MEPS Challenge or our Lap Pool “Swim Le Marathon De Paris”.  Enjoy some Group Fitness Classes while your children check out the Fitspot, Supervised Programs or take a swim together! Visit us at 23 Works Way in Somersworth or online at 😍❤️

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