A Day in the Life, What a Dietitian Eats in a Day

We asked Holley Samuel, RD, LD, CPT what a day may look like for her. She graciously shared a snippet of what a workday has looked like for her. Check it out below!

This is how I eat most week days during the work week. On weekends or when I am not working things may look a little different. Also during different times of the year my taste buds change just like anyone else’s! By no means am I perfect, but I don’t believe in being perfect because that wouldn’t be any fun!

Please keep in mind that this is what I eat in a day and what I have found, through a lot of trial and error, what works best for my body and its needs. You should always discuss your needs and nutrition habits with your registered dietitian so that you are catering to what works for you!

Breakfast is usually between 6-7am:

Nearly every morning for the past several years, I’ve started my day with oatmeal. My favorite combination is: old fashioned oats, Wyman’s of Maine wild blueberries, 2% milk, 1 scoop of Vital Proteins collagen powder to support my joints in the training I do as an endurance athlete (and to support hair skin and nails too of course!), a hefty scoop of Teddy’s natural peanut butter, and a healthy amount of cinnamon mixed in! I try to make time in the morning to sit down and enjoy breakfast, as it sets the tone for my day. 


Coffee at 10am:

Sometime mid morning on most days of the week, I will make myself an iced coffee. I enjoy using a store bought cold brew with any flavor of the Bliss creamers. These creamers are great if you like traditional flavored coffee creamers but don’t want any of the hydrogenated oils or high fructose corn syrups!

Mid morning snack is usually around 11am:

Between breakfast and lunch I sometimes need a morning snack, especially if my exercise for the day happened in the morning. Chocolate hummus and an apple or rice cakes are a quick and easy go-to that are satisfying and provide plenty of fiber to keep me full until lunchtime.

Lunch is usually between 12-2pm:

For lunches I either have a salad like the one pictured above, or leftovers from the night before! I try to keep easy things on hand to prep for lunches or prepare extra dinner for leftovers so that I have a balanced lunch to eat most days. This salad has Little Leaf Farms lettuce (go try it if you haven’t yet! I find it at Hannaford or Market Basket), carrot, cucumber, craisins, walnuts, sundried tomatoes, chick peas, and chicken! I like using bolthouse farms dressings or just regular olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Adding a dash of dried basil, oregano, and parsley also helps spice up salads!

Mid-afternoon snack + kombucha is between 3-5pm:

Some days mid-afternoon or with lunch I like to have a kombucha as a pick me up! I am not a huge fan of the taste or smell of yogurt, so I like to get my probiotics in through kombucha! Since adding kombucha to my diet over the past few years, I’ve found my digestion improved and I rarely catch the common cold anymore. I usually have 2-3 bottles a week.

Afternoon snacks are some of my favorite! I often get a sweet tooth by 3pm and no one wants to see me “hangry” at work. Perfect Bars are my favorite energy bars because they are peanut or almond butter based, which is very filling and satisfying. This walnut brownie flavor it my favorite! Usually I make energy bites or energy balls for the week, but this week I was running short on time and these bars were on sale at Hannaford- a Perfect Bar a day keeps the “hanger” away!

Dinner is around 8-9pm:

Most days of the week I eat dinner between 8-9pm before heading to bed by 10pm. I absolutely must meal prep or keep easy to cook things on hand because of my schedule. This week, I cooked up quinoa, roasted sweet potatoes, and some chicken to have on hand to make bowls and salads with. I keep steam-able veggies, avocados, canned beans, condiments, and hummus on hand to add more flavor and fiber as well! This bowl came together in under 5 minutes and clearly my chocolate lab, Hazel, wanted some of the action too!


Tea at 9:30pm:

Last but not least, some immunity tea! My mother-in-law makes this for herself and shared her recipe with me! I combine ginger and chamomile tea+ elderberry concentrate+ honey. If you are trying to fight off any germs, this tea may not be a bad idea. It tastes amazing too as a bonus!



Water? Yes please! 

Hydration, hydration, hydration! I am not as great as keeping myself hydrated during the winter months as I am in the summer months. A key player in my hydration game is this cup! It holds 30 oz of water (I got it off Amazon along with the stainless steel straw- save the turtles!), and I make myself drink two of these while I am at work. This ensures I am getting at least 60 oz of water at work, not counting any other water I may drink at home (usually 1-3 more glasses). I have also found that everything tastes better through a straw, which is why I gravitated towards this cup! 

What’s your day like? We’d love to hear from you! 

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