Thank-you, Jill for sharing your inspiring journey!


Written by Jill Thorpe


I started my journey as a member of The Works.


I was recovering from a back injury, was 60lbs overweight and battling other health issues. I came to The Works looking for a way to get moving and improve my health.  I quickly found my way to group fitness and I never looked back.


What I found was so much more than I expected. I found a community full of support, encouragement and friendship. 


The other members and the instructors were a big part of the driving force that helped keep me coming back for more. My love for health and fitness grew more and more everyday.  Losing weight and regaining my health was the most amazing feeling. Eventually I found myself traveling to  Pennsylvania  to start my first certification. Within a few months I was certified as a Les Mills Body Vive/Tone instructor.  I felt so fortunate to be able to share my passion with other people. I quickly began studying to gain my Ace Group Fitness Certification. I wanted to learn as much as I could and then share what I have learned with everyone that comes to my classes.


I found my niche in HIIT and endurance training. I enjoy a total body challenge mixing cardio and strength in various ways through use of many types of equipment. I love teaching classes that everyone, no matter where they are in their journey can participate in.

I continue to teach my first certification, Tone every Sunday morning at 8:30am and Wednesdays at 6:40pm. I teach FIT on Monday at 4:50pm, Fortitude at 6:40pm on Tuesdays and my NEW class Circuit Training on Friday at 4:30

If you look into my classes you find a wide variety of members. I enjoy being able to connect and teach to everyone who takes my classes. I am so lucky to be teaching at The Works. 

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