Celebrating Health- Member Spotlight

Meet Bertie. 99 Years Young. Happy Birthday! 


Here’s Bertie’s Fun Facts:

Some of her Past Activities:
Swam everyday 
Walked the beach
Played golf at 40
Started free weight training in 2012


Favorite Things:
Likes to go out to eat
Likes to go to ball games
Likes all sports
Likes to watch sports with family

Interesting Tidbit:
Bertie’s husband was in the Battle of Bulge and went missing. Had to look for an ad in the newspaper Sid go to 125 Broadway in NY to get help.

More about Bertie: 
Gets her nails done every 2 weeks
Gets her hair done once per week
Exercises at The Works two days a week 


“Bertie has been participating in personal training since 2013. She has worked with a few different trainers during this time. She trains with Nick Moore and I occasionally train Bertie as well. Everyone loves Bertie! I know that a consistent theme with all who train Bertie is….”Bertie you need to slow down” you will then hear a chuckle from her and hear her say “It’s hard for me to slow down!” Bertie is a hard worker and will do whatever is asked of her without complaint!” -Mary Defreze, Assistant Fitness Director

“Bertie is a great learner and has a very precise attention to detail for every exercise she does. If I’m telling her to sit upright and retract the shoulder blades, she does a great job! Even at 99 years old she’s always trying to improve, periodically asking me if she’s doing the exercise with proper form. It’s always easy to do my job when I have a client with a positive attitude that enjoys conversation, and Bertie is no exception to that! When I finally get her to take a break between exercises, she has a never ending list of stories that I’ve had the pleasure of listening to. Never a dull moment when you’re training Bertie.” -Nick Moore, Personal Trainer 








We Celebrated with Bertie for her 99th year!

Happy Birthday, Bertie! 

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