Back to School with Jenny Brown

Meet Jennifer Brown, Youth Program Manager at The Works!
Jenny is a graduate of The University of Southern Maine with a Bachelors in Social Work and a Masters of Science in Education. She has previously taught Kindergarten and First grade in two local elementary schools. She also brings experience in youth programming as both a Summer Camp Director and a Program Director.

Whether you’re jumping for joy and have the backpacks already stocked or you’re not quite ready to leave the waterfront yet….the new school year is quickly approaching or has started. Before long, the ice cream truck’s music will fade,stores will practically be paying us to buy school supplies, and our savored daylight evening hours will withdraw. We’ll be sprinting to the bus stop, racing our kiddos to and from sports, music lessons, and other extracurricular activities, all while attempting to carve out time to complete homework and eat dinner as a family.

As a parent you know that life tends to move rather intensely during the months of September-June. There are many ways to prepare yourself and your children for a successful school year. Here are some activities you can do now, and in the weeks ahead:

The strongest piece of guidance I can offer as a former elementary teacher is to start SLOWLY bringing the school year routine back into daily life. Begin to bring meal times, bed times, and morning routines back in line with your school year schedule. If you begin early and enter this at a slow pace, the kick back tends to decrease and the transition is easier. Getting enough sleep and having a structured weekday routine will contribute to and result in a student’s positive daily outlook and performance. 

Another good activity to prepare children for the upcoming school year is to incorporate learning into your end of summer adventures. Set off on a fun adventure together and slip in some learning at the same time. This adventure can be indoors or out: from a small scale science experiment in the kitchen to the Boston Museum of Science, calculating the mileage and time of your next road trip to the lake, or freshen up their vocabulary with a vacation journal. Our minds are like muscles: just as we do here at The Works Family Health and Fitness before a workout, warm up those muscles! 

The last piece of helpful advice I might offer is to set some clear, achievable goals for the school year. By setting both academic and personal goals, students will not only improve their performance in school – they will also gain confidence, motivation, and pride in their accomplishments. 

Here at The Works Family Health and Fitness we have a few school year programs that can help contribute to a happy, healthy, and successful school year. 

Our Clubhouse Kids Program is a structured morning program for Preschool aged children. This program is open to potty trained children ages 4 & 5 years old. It runs Monday, Wednesday & Friday 9:00am-10:30am 

`This program features a variety of fun activities including stories, arts and crafts projects, games, snack time and active play in the gym or on the playground. Parents must remain in the building. Children may be enrolled for as many mornings as desired, in any combination, on a first come first serve basis. 

Our After School Program gives your children an active, healthy routine afterschool throughout the school year. Send them to The Works and help them stay active and fit! From the moment your child walks through the door the activities begin. Children will partake in fun, engaging, heart-pumping games and activities that keep them exercising without realizing it. Join us everyday after school for gym games, outside games, swimming, homework help, specialty classes and fun. This program is open to children Kindergarten through Fifth Grade. 


  • This program is state licensed and tax deductible
  • Transportation Provided for Somersworth Students


General Daily Schedule

  • Participants will be divided by age each day.
  • Upon arrival each participant will take part in an active play activity and have their healthy snack. 
  • Homework time will be designated during the program in which help will be provided.
    • Once homework is completed participants will have the option to swim or take part in other active games or projects.
    • This program runs every school day.

Do you and your child need to get your 60 minutes of activity a day in but do not need an after school program? We can help!  Consider enrolling your child in our Supervised Programs while you work out. Plenty of activity occurring in our Supervised Gym, Supervised Swim, and Fit Spot!  Visit our link to determine which program best suits your child! 

We look forward to sharing many active and healthy experiences with your children during the upcoming school year. 

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